Bob Lettieri

Bob Lettieri
Chief Financial Officer


"As with the Internet wave, the global mobile industry will prove to be one of those extraordinary investment opportunities. The industry is enjoying double-digit CAGR and outpacing many other sectors representing an opportunity for excellent financial return."
- February 2006

Mr. Robert Lettieri joined CellTrust® Corporation as chief financial officer (CFO) in January 2006. Prior to joining CellTrust®, Mr. Lettieri served as CFO for the security software and services company, PatchLink Corporation, where he completed first and second round funding totaling almost $40 million through private equity placement. He has also served as CFO for various companies, including Hi-Health Corporation, the S&S Companies, Fine Host Corporation, and ASD Group, Inc.

While CFO at the ASD Group, a $75 million company that provides contract-manufacturing services to high-tech Fortune 500 OEMs, Mr. Lettieri successfully led the company through its initial public offering in 1997. Prior to ASD Group, Mr. Lettieri spent eight years at Revlon, as operations controller and group director for Budgeting and Analysis.

He received his master's degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University and served as an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix from 1999 to 2002.

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