Kevin Moshir

Kevin Moshir - Co-Founder, COO & President

President Kevin

"The global proliferation of mobile banking makes mobile security and secure communication non-negotiable. Whereas attacks on computers in the past were primarily a direct hit to corporations, any attack on cell phones will impact consumers directly, causing significant stress to the already stretched financial sector."
- November 2006

Mr. Moshir oversees the high-level management of operational activities and strategic product development at CellTrust®.

Moshir began his career engineering large-scale infrastructure management systems in the governmental and regulatory compliance sectors. In 1995, Moshir co-founded ISmart Technologies Inc., a leading provider of integrated business management solutions for small- and medium-sized companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

An Internet Security veteran, Mr. Moshir went on to become president of PatchLink Corporation (now Lumension Security,) a global market leader in security patching, vulnerability management, and remediation software. In just a few years, Moshir led PatchLink's global expansion and hyper growth resulting in a 25-fold increase in sales revenue. In 2003, PatchLink was awarded the Arizona Innovators award for excellence from the governor of Arizona, and in 2004, they won the prestigious INC 500 Award.

CellTrust brought home three prestigious awards in 2008, namely the CTIA Emerging Technology Finalist Award, the Fierce 15 Top Emerging Wireless Companies 2008 Award, and the Best of WiMAX World EMEA 2008 Industry Choice Award nomination within the innovation category for its patent pending Global SecureSMS® Gateway.

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